“We’ve had great success with the bridal fairs put on by URLocalBride – the staff is knowledgeable and friendly, the advertising is thorough, and they attract a large number of qualified brides. The other vendors at the shows are high quality, and the fashion shows appeal to a wide range of brides. We’ll definitely be signing up for more of URLocalBride’s fairs.”


Upcoming Bridal Events

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Sponsored By URLocalBride

URLocalBride produces upscale bridal events at 4-star venues throughout the San Francisco Bay area. In 2015 our shows have taken place at such 4-star venues as the Sofitel and Lafayette Park Hotel and Spa. These events represent a wonderful opportunity to promote your products toLOCAL brides-to-be.

URLocalBride’s signature event “Wine, Women & Weddings”  is a combined bridal fair/charity wedding gown sale and girls’ night out. Donated wedding gowns are the star of this event as brides-to-be and their BFF’s come together for an evening of wine, shopping, and good deeds.

Contact us if you’re interested in raising money for your LOCAL charity by sponsoring “Wine, Women & Weddings” event and check out website often for new events in your local area.

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